Water Projects

DKF Water Project is about linking water to other sectors and interventions so that we can make the biggest impact possible. It is about sanitation and hygiene, but also about water for agriculture, for livelihoods, for nutrition, for keeping children especially girls in schools, for protecting underprivileged families from illness and premature deaths and more.

Our life-changing and lifesaving programs help:

  • People access clean, safe water, especially during the dry seasons
  • Families and students learn and experience the link between water, sanitation and hygiene services
  • Families increase sustainable access to water through pumps, wells and storage containers
  • Families adopt sanitation technologies and handwashing to impact their social status and health
  • Governments develop and implement sound policies on water and sanitation services
  • Farmers learn how to efficiently use water for irrigation and livestock
  • And much more