“We cannot accomplish all that we need to do without working together” – Bill Richardson

In villages, towns, and cities across Liberia, the fabric that holds many communities together is threatened by poverty, conflict, and isolation. Hope for the future can feel elusive as heavy problems relentlessly bear down on families.

Delano King Foundation works to invests in community development across Liberia to strengthen the ties that connect people. Our programs will improve family livelihoods by creating jobs in construction, civic planning, health, education, and more. At the same time, we will help both women and men entrepreneurs with loans for their small businesses and deliver training programs that improve job skills.

With your support, we will construct parks and playgrounds to give families beautiful, safe places to come together and socialize. Sports programs and facilities offer youth from different backgrounds the chance to interact and learn teamwork. Trash clearing and recycling inspire volunteers to take control of a bad situation and turn it around for all their neighbors. Artistic expression builds shared humanity while giving voice to individuals.

Support Delano King Foundation’s mission. Donate to help improve communities in Liberia, and around the world so children can survive and thrive.