Making A Real Impact during covid-19 

The needs of orphans, the disabled, abandoned, and vulnerable children and families have skyrocketed during this COVID-19 pandemic. Food markets are shut down and schools are closed, meaning access to food, water, and safety is extremely limited.

To help meet the needs of vulnerable children and families during the COVID-19, our outreach team distributed food to the orphans, and people living in impoverished communities across Liberia. With help from people like you, our teams on the ground are feeding the hungry. We don’t know how long this need will be heightened, but we do know it requires generous givers and partners to continue!

But we need your help to ease uncertainty and bring critical support to the vulnerable population, often forgotten children and orphans.

Would you support our effort to reach even more?

If you’re hungry to do something meaningful, please consider giving today. We will run to serve orphaned and vulnerable kids with your gift! Most importantly, we will continue to share the truth of the Gospel with every child we come in contact with.