You can help orphans and vulnerable children and families during covid-19 

The needs of poor children and families have skyrocketed during this COVID-19 pandemic. Food markets are shut down and schools are closed, meaning access to food, water, and safety is extremely limited.

Our team in Liberia began the first phase of “Operation Feed My Sheep” (John 21:17) food distribution. The goal of this program is to serve food to the orphans, and people living in impoverished communities across Liberia.

With help from people like you, our teams on the ground are feeding the hungry. We don’t know how long this need will be heightened, but we do know it requires generous givers and partners to continue!

But we need your help to ease uncertainty and bring critical support to the vulnerable population, often forgotten children and orphans.

Would you support our effort to reach even more?

If you’re hungry to do something meaningful, please consider giving today. We will run to serve orphaned and vulnerable kids with your gift! Most importantly, we will continue to share the truth of the Gospel with every child we come in contact with.


Effects Across the Globe

According to WHO, few of the countries we serve in Africa – the world’s second-largest and second most-populous continent has reported COVID-19 cases. Countless children in Africa have to grow up without parents and in poverty. Here in the U.S., its impact is undeniable, but here’s a quick glimpse of how it’s affecting the Delano King Foundation…

In the country we serve, orphans and abandoned children are at great risk of exploitation, emotional and physical abuse, trafficking and sexual exploitation, hunger, neglect, and poverty.  Numerous children already suffer from post-traumatic stress due to their tragic circumstances.  For these children, the chances of having a healthy, adult life are limited. These children rely on our monthly support for survival.  But with the scarcity of food due to the indefinite closure of marketplaces, and the 14 days quarantine, many of these kids are left wondering where their next meal will come from.

Most children and families in impoverished communities across Liberia are worried about hunger than the virus. Many residents of Monrovia told our associates that “it is preferable that the virus kills them, then the hunger.” But together, we can bring immediate care and lasting hope amidst concern of COVID-19

Education – The education system of Liberia lags behind many other African nations, due to the country’s prolonged and brutal civil wars and the outbreak of the Ebola virus.  According to USAID, the Primary School Net Enrollment Rate, the percentage of primary age students attending elementary school grades, is only 44 percent.  Schools are overpopulated.  Supplies are limited. Teachers are not well trained or paid.

The financial predicament of many families also plays a factor in low school attendance rates.  Even if the school is free, parents must absorb hidden costs such as uniforms, pencils, supplies, and cannot afford to send their children to school. Help ensure orphans and underprivileged children in villages across Liberia receive the quality education they need to thrive and maximize their potentials.

Feeding Programs – No one should have to wonder where their next meal is coming from. Partner with us to continue providing nutritious meals to orphans and underprivileged children and families.

Medical Assistance -This crisis is a medical crisis, and immediate healthcare is vital to communities. Help us continue treating patients in Liberia that depend on our medical assistance.

Housing – With the inevitability of quarantine, a safe place to live is critical. You can help us continue caring for orphaned and vulnerable kids through secure housing with Christian house parents.

Community Water – According to the World Health Organization, only 1 in 4 Liberians has access to safe drinking water. Half of the population has no access to toilet facilities, making sanitation a serious problem that causes a proliferation of fast-spreading diseases like Cholera. In fact, unsafe water and poor sanitation is the cause of 1 in 4 deaths in Liberia. Partner with us in installing hand pumps in Liberian towns, making water safe, and later supporting the cultivation of crops with proper irrigation.

Together, we can bring the hope of Jesus to the most vulnerable.

You have the power to give vulnerable kids & families the foundation for a promising future. 



Our COVID-19 Partners

Many thanks to DKF’s COVID-19 Partners! We couldn’t serve orphans and vulnerable children and families without you. If you are interested in becoming a COVID-19 Partner with DKF, contact us.

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Haja Kamara

Hawa M. Sirleaf

Ruth Mann Jackson

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Faith Tabitha Kromah

Tetee Dennis

Operation Feed My Sheep Food Distribution

With help from people like you, our teams on the ground are feeding the hungry. We don’t know how long this need will be heightened, but we do know it requires generous givers and partners to continue!