The Challenges

People with disabilities represent 16% of the country’s total population according to the population census performed in Liberia in 2008. Disabled people are often marginalized and discriminated against, making it hard to access the education system, the job market, and health services. People with disabilities have a harder time getting their specific needs met. In addition, some disabilities, such as post-traumatic stress disorder or missing limbs, are stigmatized, as they are associated negatively with the war.

Our work

We offer hope to people who no one else may care about. We work to improve the living conditions of vulnerable people; including people with disabilities, especially by facilitating the access of children with disabilities to education. It is our goal to provide equipment for people with physical needs such as – Canes, Crutches, Walkers, and Wheelchairs.

We do not only meet the physical needs of disabled children and families in Liberia, we meet their spiritual needs as well. We serve as a spiritual resource and witness for all the people we serve, by offering them the love of Jesus Christ. We believe disabled children and families not only need their physical needs supported but their spiritual needs as well. As part of this service, we conduct worship and deliverance service, pray with disable children and families and provide Bibles as needed.