Share Your DKFTV Moment

Every day at DKFTV we hear inspirational stories of how God is working in the lives of our listeners! We would love to hear what the Lord has been doing in your life! Sometimes that perfect moment occurs when God touches you through a message, song, or a person comes into your life and helps meet a critical need, or how prayer has changed your life.

If you would like to share your story, we would love to hear it and share it with others! Please click the “Submit Your Story” link below. Please keep your stories as brief as possible. You can also submit a prayer request for the DKFTV prayer partners and staff to pray over during our daily prayer meetings.

Please be aware that DKFTV reserves the right to use all or part of your testimony. DKFTV may choose to broadcast your story and/or photo on the network, use it in a print publication, and/or publish it on the website. Please do not use photos that are copyrighted. Thank you for sharing and encouraging others!

“I enjoy listening to DKFTV every Saturday morning on my way from work. When I am feeling down the inspirational message restore my hope and faith in God. Thank you everyone at DKFTV for doing what Christ wants you to do. God bless you all.”



“I listen to your message in the morning and it is encouraging especially when I am facing challenges. One of your messages that really touched my heart is “Understanding Your Purpose.”



“I have been giving $30 monthly and I am bumping up to $50. This organization is using Social Media to bring nations to Jesus Christ. The messages are drawing my family to God.”



“I have been a surviving Christian and I have been a thriving Christian. I can honestly say that the only reason I was able to hang on by a thread was because of DKFTV. Now, I am praying for so many people and all I can say is: Listen to DKFTV!”



My 8-year-old, autistic son had a seizure while having a swimming lesson. Your prayer partners prayed for him and now he is fine. Thank you, DKFTV!



Thank you for being here during this pandemic and these trying times. I feel safe supporting Delano King Foundation and watching DKFTV. Please keep feeding us truth and comfort. We are so hungry for what’s being served. God Bless.