Internet Resource Center

Thousands of children including students are out of reach when it comes to technology or computers. Our goal is to create an environment that will meet the needs of poor and less fortunate students, journalists, researchers, academics, etc. The Internet Resource Center (IRC) will maintain a reference library, offers cultural and educational programs, and coordinates the biblical corners. The IRC resources will include:

  • Computer Lab with 100 computers for internet and word processing and research use;
  • Reading Room with more than 5000 books and magazine titles for readers of all ages;
  • Reading Assistance with access to electric journals and librarian support;
  • Audiovisual Room with 60’ TV, including television channels, movies, and documentaries;
  • Educational Advising sessions twice a month;
  • Weekly Events, including movie screenings and special speakers;
  • Special Programs that support the Gospel, education, arts, and culture.