Support for Liberian Orphans

Currently, there are over two hundred thousand orphaned children in Liberia who lost one or both parents to the deadly Ebola virus or Civil War. These children are at great risk of exploitation, emotional and physical abuse, trafficking and sexual exploitation, hunger, neglect, and poverty. Numerous children already suffer from post-traumatic stress due to their tragic circumstances. For these children, the chances of having a healthy, adult life are limited.

DKF’s work with orphans in Liberia is guided by the scripture verse, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. (Matthew 25:40).” We are committed to helping orphans have a chance at a better life through direct financial and spiritual support.

DKF’s programs for orphans include:

  • Providing access to proper nutrition, health care, education, and psychosocial services;
  • Creating orphanages and safe places for children to heal and rebuild their lives within a faith-based community;
  • Empowering out-of-school youth through informal education, life skills courses, and vocational training;
  • Working with communities and families to help keep children in family-based care; and
  • Supporting education, social and emotional healing of orphans through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

 help restore hope to the hopeless

Your monthly support to our orphan’s program will help ensure orphans receive the elevated loving care they need to thrive, and it will allow us to be the hands and feet of hope to orphans in need all around the world. This means that orphaned children will have access to daily Scripture reading, healthy food, medical care, education, and 24/7 loving care they need to grow up happy and healthy. This is truly life-changing, and sadly, is not the norm in Liberia’s Orphanages.

Our Support

In November 2017, DKF shipped boxes of food, clothing, footwear, bibles, school stationery supplies, and toiletries to over 300 orphans and poor children in the 72nd Paynesville District of Liberia.

An Orphan’s Story Of Survival