Sponsor a Child with Delano King Foundation

Give an orphaned, abandoned, disabled or vulnerable child a loving family and you will provide them a better chance of succeeding in life. Children without parental support are some of the world’s most vulnerable citizens. They are at risk of poverty, homelessness, exploitation and abuse. Many do not attend school or have access to even the most basic healthcare. Millions end up on the streets with no safety nets and no protection. For just over a dollar per day, you can make sure a child who has already lost so much can start to rebuild their lives in a caring and positive environment.

You can transform the lives orphans, disabled, abandoned and vulnerable children for just a dollar per day – providing them with an education, healthcare, family and most importantly, the gospel of Jesus Christ.

Your support will enable DKF to provide orphans, disabled, abandoned and vulnerable children with:

  • Providing access to proper nutrition, healthcare, education, and psychosocial services;
  • Creating orphanages and safe places for children to heal and rebuild their lives within a faith-based community;
  • Empowering out-of-school youth through informal education, life skills courses, and vocational training;
  • Working with communities and families to help keep children in family-based care; and
  • Supporting education, social and emotional healing of orphans through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.
  • The chance to grow up in a stable, loving family environment
  • The chance to belong to a supportive community

Sponsoring a child changes lives

When you sponsor a child with Delano King Foundation, you change a child’s life. Thanks to your support, they will grow up in a secure family and Godly environment with all the benefits that a quality education and supportive upbringing have shown to provide.  Regular updates and photographs mean that you can watch the child you sponsor grow up. You can also send them letters and small gifts for special occasions like their birthdays and the holidays.

children in need

Francis Williams

Marthalyn S. Nyanneh

Tetee Williams