Protecting the next generations

By sponsoring a family today, you are ensuring children grow up in a stable, loving families with the support they need to thrive and chase their hopes and dreams. Children deserve a childhood filled with positive energy to help them grow up and understand their God’s given potentials.

Adverse circumstances like poverty, armed conflict and disease present overwhelming challenges for parents and threaten family stability.
When families are at risk of falling apart, children are at a much greater risk of abandonment and exploitation in the forms of abuse, trafficking, and forced child labor.

What You Will Receive For Your Sponsorship

You will receive a welcome packet which contains a story about a family whose lives were improved by your sponsorship. These packets contain information about the country in which the family is situated. You will receive a packet every quarter – ensuring that you know the exact benefits of your generous support.

Take Action

With your generous support, children will grow up with a stable, loving family, have access to safe drinking water, sanitation services, nutritional meals, and the freedom to chase the goals and dreams.