Club Accounts

Club Accounts

Today’s families face major financial challenges. They’re being forced to give up on their goals and dreams — due to financial challenges. Many families can’t afford taking vacation or having fun time with their children. Thousands of people are being kicked out of their homes and apartments because the lost their job and had nowhere to borrow money. Delano King Foundation Social Club shows families how they can change their life. We are the one social club focused on the success of our members and helping families get the financial help they need to achieve their goals.Saving for special events like Christmas and vacation is easy with Delano King Foundation Social Club Members accounts. These accounts help you systematically save for all the expense that these events bring.


Gifts, parties, and travel can bear a hefty price tag at the end of the year. Why not begin saving for your holiday expenses well ahead of time? You can open a Christmas Saving with the Delano King Foundation Social Club to help you meet your Christmas and holidays goals. You can continue to automatically save throughout the year. Your money is yours and you have the right to withdraw it whenever you need it.


Like a Christmas Club Account, there is no initial deposit required provided you fund your account through payroll deduction. Otherwise a $25 initial deposit is required to open this account. Your account will earn dividends every month that your balance meets the $25 minimum balance requirement. The Vacation Club Account does not disperse funds automatically. To have your check sent to you or transferred to another Members CU account, call, to speak to a Member Services Representative. You can also use your Vacation Club Account to save for other big events like weddings, new baby arrivals, milestone birthday celebrations, or graduation celebrations.

Birthday Club

The Birthday Savings gives our members the opportunity to save for their birthday including their children.

Graduation Club

Annual Club SAVING

Why not begin saving for your yearly goals well ahead of time? Open a yearly saving with the Delano King Foundation Social Club to help you meet your annual or long-term goals. Your goal could be purchasing two acres of land in your country or repairing the roof on your house. You decide the goal and add the dollars amount to it, and we will help you achieve it.

All our club membership accounts give you the options to borrow at a 10% interest. This is where the line between our club and other clubs are drawn. The 10% interest on the money you borrowed is your money and it will be given to you at the end of the year when the accounts are disbursed between its members. The more you borrow and pay, the more interest you earn!

To save for a special event like Christmas and vacation, you must be a member of Delano King Foundation Social Club. Find out about membership eligibility on our membership page and join us. All you need to do is complete the online membership application, or print out a Membership Application and mail it to:

Delano King Foundation Social Club

PO Box 7041

Newark, DE 19711.