Sport4 Christ is a Christian sports ministry and a community outreach mentoring program for children and youth under 20 years of age. The vision for Sport4 Christ is to use sport as an evangelistic soul-winning tool for children and youth in the tri-state and across the United States, by creating a friendly and peaceful Christian atmosphere for children to come and play sports for fun, fellowship, learn about Jesus Christ, tutor students, and eat nutritional food.

Sport4 Christ will serve as a hub in sharing the love of Jesus Christ with children and youth in every county, across the United States. It is a free Christian mentoring program for boys and girls in the tri-state, and across the United States. Our Sport4 Christ program will bridge cultural, racial, and strict religious differences by bringing the future generation together under a peaceful atmosphere to have good and productive fun in the Lord in playing sports, completing school assignment and learning about the unconditional love of Jesus Christ.

Our Sport4 Christ program will provide all sports equipment and gear – basketball, soccer balls, cleats, jerseys, bibles, and food. Sport4 Christ will have separate teams consisting of both girls and boys and they will be grouped according to their level of skills. There will be Christian mentoring, Bible study, Scripture readings and prayer for various needs and Salvation every day before sports practice begins. Every child will be assigned a scripture to take home to memorize for the following day’s practice. There will be free food after each practice. We work in collaboration with Christian coaches and volunteers across the United States to help provide training.

Our vision for Sport4 Christ

  • Help children and youth understand their full potential
  • Help children and youth understand their purpose of existence
  • Educate children and youth on the important of goal setting and achieving
  •  Educate children and youth on God’s promises for their lives
  • Feed children and youth with physical and spiritual food – the Gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Take children from the streets
  • Educate and Empower youth and children
  • Provide Tutoring

Your giving will help feed, and cloth a lot of children in this program who are in dire need from poor homes and deprived communities here at home, and across the globe.