Our comprehensive Approach

DKF builds loving, stable families for orphaned, disabled, abandoned, and vulnerable children in Liberia and across the globe. We are dedicated to the care of the children and families we serve.

Our comprehensive approach – preventing child abandonment, offering long-term care for orphaned, disabled, abandoned, and vulnerable children in need and empowering youth with Biblical Principles to reach their full potential – transform the lives of thousands of children and families in Liberia.


At DKF, we combine short-term aid and long-term guidance to strengthen families who struggle financially under the burden of caring for additional children so they are better able to provide quality care for children and to protect them from child labor, child trafficking and other threats to their safety.

Long – Term Care

When a child becomes orphaned or abandoned in Liberia it is typically an extended family member, close family friend or a good Samaritan who take the child into their home, to raise them as their own. This social norm is based in goodwill, as there is no public or private program in place for supporting families providing kinship care, and there is no adoption or foster procedure managed by the government. Our Long-Term Care program address this by providing children who lack family care to become part of a new loving and God-fearing family at one of our DKF family caring satellite facilities across Liberia.

Youth Empowerment

Understanding your God’s given potential and your purpose of existence opens the door to economic self-sufficiency and help young people to become successful, contributing members of their communities. Sadly, an estimated 263 million children worldwide don’t understand their potential and the purpose for which they were created.

Take Action

Because of DKF, children are getting the care and support they need to shape their own futures. But we can’t do it alone.


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