Building Secure, Loving Families
for Children in Need

We build families for orphaned, abandoned, disabled, and vulnerable children throughout Liberia, with the goal of serving more children globally. We work to ensure that all children, together with their siblings, have a loving family and an opportunity to reach their full potential. We nurture that essential feeling of belonging while looking after each child’s needs and aspirations.

The Challenges

It is widely understood that a stable, nurturing environment lays the foundation for children’s healthy development. Unfortunately, not every child has this advantage across the globe. Without the stability of a family, a child will face an increased risk of malnutrition, violence, exploitation and other life threatening circumstances.

Quality Care 

Our programs are based on an unwavering commitment to quality care for children. DKF builds loving, stable families for orphaned, abandoned, disabled, and vulnerable children who have lost their families. When children cannot stay with their family or have no family, we give them a safe home, together with their siblings, where they can grow up as one family.

Take Action

You have the power to give an orphaned, disabled, abandoned, and vulnerable children the foundation for a promising future. Donate today to give a child a stable, loving home.