We Provide Stability

At DKF, we combine short-term aid and long-term guidance to strengthen families who struggle financially under the burden of caring for additional children so they are better able to provide quality care for children and to protect them from child labor, child trafficking and other threats to their safety.

Families across Liberia are more vulnerable today than ever before. Adverse circumstances like poverty, armed conflict and disease present overwhelming challenges for parents and threaten family stability. When families are at risk of falling apart, children are at a much greater risk of being abused, abandoned or exploited.

The Problem in Numbers

#1 Cause of child abandonment is poverty

4 in 10 children in Liberia are at risk of growing up alone.

90% of Liberia population has limited access to safe drinking water.

Working Together to Extend Our Services

We work with communities and other stakeholders to build effective support systems for struggling families in Liberia. These efforts enable access to education, healthcare services and vocational training opportunities that are essential to maintaining safe environments for children.

Family Strengthening Programs

Our family strengthening programs empower families and foster parents who are taking care of orphans, disabled, abandoned, and vulnerable children to overcome hardships. We strengthen families at risk of falling apart, giving them the physical and spiritual support, they need to grow stronger, stay together and keep their children safe. This comprehensive approach builds resilient families that go on to better their own lives and strengthen their communities.