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Real-life stories in the country of Liberia are harrowing, filled with hardship, struggle, poverty, and pain. Located on the Western Coast of Africa, Liberia has a population of 4,818,428 people. 54% live in poverty, with nearly 90% living on less than $1.00 a day. 20% of children are out of school with approximately half a million orphaned, disabled and abandoned due to their parents’ death, poverty, and many tragic circumstances, including the Ebola virus or Liberia’s violent civil war.

Orphaned children are also being shunned/abandoned by relatives and have nowhere to go. Access to education is difficult for millions of children, due to their families’ need for their children’s help for financial survival just to live day-to-day. Access to clean water and proper sanitation for waste is severely limited. Thousands of young people, called Zogos, who were victims of Liberia’s 14-year civil war are involved in street crimes such as theft, physical attack, and harassment of pedestrians. They are mostly found in ghettos, cemeteries, marketplaces, unfinished buildings, liquor shops and on street corners. Their main sources of survival are thievery, car loading and begging.

Yet within his difficult landscape, the people of Liberia have a positive spirit. They want to better their lives and hold hope for a brighter future. The driving force of the Delano King Foundation is the desire to help the orphaned, disabled, abandoned and vulnerabled children of Liberia build themselves up and break free of the cycles of poverty, disease, and hunger through direct aid, supplies, and service and training through Christ’s spirit and love.

The Delano King Foundation is doing grass-roots work in many areas to help people in need in Liberia.  Our main focus areas in Liberia are:

Support for Liberian Orphans and Vulnerable Children

Currently, there are approximately half a million orphaned, disabled, and abandoned children in Liberia who lost one or both parents to the Civil War and the deadly Ebola virus. These children are at great risk of exploitation, emotional and physical abuse, trafficking and sexual exploitation, hunger, neglect, and poverty. Numerous children already suffer from post-traumatic stress due to their tragic circumstances. For these children, the chances of having a healthy, adult life are limited.

DKF’s work with orphans, disabled, abandoned and vulnerable children in Liberia is guided by the scripture verse, “Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me. (Matthew 25:40).” We are committed to helping orphans, abandoned, disabled, and vulnerable children have a chance at a better life through direct physical and spiritual support.

DKF’s programs for orphans include:

  • Providing access to proper nutrition, healthcare, education, and psychosocial services;
  • Creating orphanages and safe places for children to heal and rebuild their lives within a faith-based community;
  • Empowering out-of-school youth through informal education, life skills courses, and vocational training;
  • Working with communities and families to help keep children in family-based care; and
  • Supporting education, social and emotional healing of orphans through the Gospel of Jesus Christ.

Protecting the next generations

By sponsoring a family today, you are ensuring children grow up in a stable, loving family with the support they need to thrive and chase their hopes and dreams. Children deserve a childhood filled with positive energy to help them grow up and understand their God’s given potentials.


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